For the 3-rd Form

                                                 My meals.

         The English have four meals a day: breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner or supper.
         In England breakfast time is between seven and nine, lunch time is between twelve and two, tea is between four and five and dinner or supper is between seven and ten. English people like porridge very much. They eat it for breakfast. They like to eat porridge with milk. English people don't eat much bread. They never eat bread with meat or vegetables. But they sometimes eat bread with soup.
         Our family usually has four meals a day. I like to have a cup of tea, for breakfast. I usually have cheese sandwiches, pancakes with jam or sausages. I like bread with butter jam or marmalade. My parents like to have some coffee for breakfast. We usually have a full breakfast on Sunday morning. Then we have a plate of bacon and eggs, fried, potatoes and tomatoes.
         I usually have lunch at school. It is about eleven o'clock. I like cheese sandwiches, jam sandwiches, pizza, and some fruit for lunch. 
         The main meal is usually dinner. I have dinner at three o’clock. For dinner I usually have a plate of soup. My mother always says that soup is good healthy food. For dinner we have meat or fish with vegetables. And for
    dessert I like some fruit or a glass of juice.    
         We usually have supper at  eight o'clock in the evening. It's a light meal of some salad, cheese. I often have a glass of milk or yoghurt for supper.
         We always buy and eat the right food. We eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, drink milk and juice. They've got a lot of vitamins. I always remember the proverb," An apple a day keeps the doctor away".



    My birthday.

         My name is………    My birthday is on the (число) of (месяц).I

    like this day very much.

    In the morning my parents come to my place and say: "Happy birthday!" They give me presents. I enjoy it. Many people have a birthday party on this day.

        This year I celebrated my birthday at home. It was Sunday. I

    invited all my friends.I got up early in the morning. My father and I went to the shop and to the market to buy everything we needed for the party.

         My mother stayed at home. She cooked a birthday cake. At four o'clock my friends came to congratulate me and I was glad to see them. My friends wished me a happy birthday and gave me a lot of birthday presents. I got: flowers, books, sweets and many other things. I thanked them all. At five o'clock we sat down at the table. My friends saw a big cake on the table with 9 candles in it I was nine that day. We ate and drank a lot: juice, bananas, oranges, apples, cookies, sweets, ice cream and a lot of other tasty things. We also played different games, sang songs, danced and had a very good time.

         I  like my birthday party very much.



    Pets and other animals.

     Part I

         There are many animals in the world. Some of them live in deep dark forests, other near lakes and rivers. They are called wild animals. I know many of them. They are tigers, zebras, giraffes, bears, crocodiles, wolves, foxes and many others. We can see some of them at the zoo. Every summer my parents and I go to the zoo to look at them. It's so fun to see them there. My favourite wild animal is a tiger. It is so strong and beautiful!

         Some animals live on the farms or people's houses. They are called domestic animals. They give us milk, meat, clothes and help people do difficult work. I know cows, pigs, hamsters, rats, rabbits and others.

         As for me, I have a…..  at home

                                                                Part II

    1.      Have you got a pet?

    2.      What pet have you got?

    3.      What's his (her) name?

    4.      Does your pet answer to his (her) name?

    5.      How old is your pet?

    6.      What colour is your pet?

    7.      Is your pet big or little?

    8.      What do you teach your pet to do?

    9.      Your pet is clever, isn't he (she)?

    10.    What can your pet do?

    11.    What do you give your pet to eat and drink?

    12.    What does your pet like to eat and drink?

    13.    Do you take your pet for a walk?

    14.    Do you play with your pet?

    15.    Who looks after your pet?



    Clothing. Shopping.

         There are four seasons in the year: winter, spring, summer, autumn each season has different weather. In winter it is sometimes very cold. We put on warm overcoats, jackets, gloves and mittens, high boots, jeans and a warm cap. In autumn it often rains and we have to put on a raincoat and take an umbrella. Best of all I like summer. I usually wear T-shirts of different colours, shorts, sandals or light shoes. I always change clothes when I come home. At home I usually wear slippers, a sports suit, shorts and T-shirts.  
         We are all schoolboys and schoolgirls. In our country we usually wear school uniforms. They are: light blouses with dark skirts or trousers and jackets. I like it when my clothes suit me and I look great! I think it is very important for girls and boys to look nice and clean.   
         I sometimes go to parties and I like to look smart. I usually put on......
    Shopping is a part of our daily life. We go to the shop every day to buy food, drinks, clothes and many other things. I like shopping very much. I often go shopping with my mother. Best of all we like to go to clothes shops, shoe shops and toy shops. Boys and girls like to wear jeans very much. My favourite colour is blue. Before I buy clothes I usually choose and try them on.
         Last time we went shopping with my parents. It was a big trade centre "Achan". We bought meat, fish, milk, fruit, vegetables, sweets and many other tasty things.
    For my mother we bought....For my little sister we bought...
         When we get tired we have a snack in the cafe or go to the cinema.