The English language week!

    • «The English language week» (2015)
      The quiz
      «The more we study, the more we know» took place on January, 30 during the English language week. Pupils of  the 4 “B” form took an active part in it : 

    Some pupils shared their comments with us:
    “I really liked the quiz because it was very interesting” By Dan  Naidenishev.
    “I really liked the quiz because it was very helpful to revise the grammar tenses .” By  Sasha Borodina.
    “I liked the quiz. There were a lot of interesting exercises there. I would be happy if the week of the English language repeated again.” By Maria Kondratova.

    The contest between the 5th forms included a quiz “Do you know Great Britain?”

    Our winners are:

    1st place:     Kuznetsova Kate 5”B”
    2nd place:    Kopytin Pavel 5”A”                          

                            Klimova Alyona 5 “B”

                            Kuzovkina Nadezhda 5”B”

                            Vinogradova Victoria 5”B”

                            Nikolaeva Elina 5”V”

    3rd place:    Bykov Alexandr 5”B”

                            Vanushina Ksenia 5”A”

                            Nazarov Nikita 5”A”

                            Yasina Veronika 5”A”

    The pupils of  the 7th form showed the presentations to the topic:“ Unusual  British traditions”

    By Uljana Sadovnikova

    "The English  language week " is very important to learn English more deeply.

    Pupils from the 7-th forms made presentations to the topic «Unusual British Traditions.» Who could have thought that such a good-mannered country has such original traditions as swimming in the swamp, sliding, down? My classmates made very interesting presentations. These were articles expressing main things and interesting pictures. I can’t stand the idea that these facts are unimportant. On the contrary, nobody knows when this information will be needed.

    "The English  language week " is a very interesting event. If you take part in it, you will know a lot of extra information about it.


    We have had the English language week from the 21-th of April to the 27-th of April 2014.

    It was a very interesting week.

    The 3-rd form pupils drew colourful fairy- tale heroes.




     The pupils told us fantastic stories about them.

    We staged a fairy tale  "Why the snow is white"

                      We had a great fun at the performance.

    “ The course of true love never did run smooth”-said William Shakespeare. What is love for people?

    Perhaps, it's their family, motherland, hobby, nature and a lot of other important things.

    The students from the 4-th form made up projects to this topic.

     And every student from the 6-th “A”and “V” form has provided us with the presentation "Life and creation of William Shakespeare ". Every student was talking about different aspects of his exciting life. We found out a lot of interesting facts about this outstanding person.



    The English language week was unforgettable!

    The English language week (2013)

    From 5.02.2013 to 08.02.2013

    It was very interesting for our pupils.

    We had a lot of interesting projects, competitions and we have learnt a song.

    With pupils from the 3 “A” and 3 “V” forms

    We have repeated all parts of the body and have learnt much about new competitions, solved riddles and done exercises: “Head and shoulders”,and at the end of the lesson pupils sang a song :”Come with me to the stars”.






    And each student from the 5-th “V” form has provided us with the presentation "Animals in danger", each student was talking about an animal which is listed as endangered, and the need to protect animals and our planet.






    After our presentations, we had a quiz.